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A professional screw factory provide standard screw, non-standard screw and also R&D service to world fastener business. | Landwide Screw is not only a screw factory but also a consultant, service provider assisting partners all over the world to find suitable solution in their fastener business for 29 years

A professional screw factory provide standard screw, non-standard screw and also R&D service to world fastener business.

Brand Story

Taiwanese Manufacturer of Self-Drilling Screws, Self-Tapping Screw and Fasteners.

Landwide Co., Ltd. occupies 8910 square meters. We are an ISO 9001:2005 compliant company. We value our employees, with these experienced employees, our maximum capacity can reach 1500 tons per month.
Our direct export business covers AMERICA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA and OCEANIA.
Size Range we make is M3-M10 (#4-3/8") with length 10mm-300mm.

Landwide Brief Introduction

A professional manufacturer for screws. Landwide Co., Ltd. established in 1992. Landwide Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer on steel and stainless steel screws, not only sells screws in standard specification, but also has the ability to customize products. Especially, we are keeping the R&D effort for other special specification and custom made products. Our main products are self drilling screw , self tapping screw , concrete screw, roofing screw , flange washer head screw, stainless steel screw.

While encouraging R&D in continuous innovation, we still reserve the conventional business virtue-honesty-both of which enable us to flourish.

Calendar of Events

1992The factory was founded and became the leading supplier to the domestic buyers for over 25 years.
2006Landwide Co. Ltd has been established as our-own exporting brand and began our international trading business.


  1. Professional manufacturing and strict control on every stage of production, including packing process, ensure excellent quality and prompt delivery.
  2. The R&D team to satisfied customers's need.
  3. Special coating.

Your Top choice of screw, Expertized & Reliable Partner.

With 3 decades of experiences in screw manufacturing. Landwide Co., Ltd. started in 2006 for our own export business. We supply variety of screws.


From the sales to the on-site masters, all our staffs are experienced. You can get the quick answer here.


All the production processes are under monitoring to make sure the screws are qualified.


We are flexible and dynamic for your need on private package or customized screw design.