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With 3 decades of experiences in screw manufacturing. Landwide Co., Ltd. started in 2006 for our own export business. We supply variety of screws.


From the sales to the on-site masters, all our staffs are experienced. You can get the quick answer here.


All the production processes are under monitoring to make sure the screws are qualified.


We are flexible and dynamic for your need on private package or customized screw design.

Recommend Products

Painted Screw Hot

Painted Screw

Provide RAL or customized color to fit your roofing sheet color.

Self Drilling Screw Hot

Self Drilling Screw

Various point sizes available for your need. Well formed drill point for fast drilling by less effort.

Concrete Screw Hot

Concrete Screw

Used outdoors. Fixing timber battens, track and general components into masonry.