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DOUBLE THREAD - Roofing screw
  • DOUBLE THREAD - Roofing screw



Roofing Screw

Double threaded screw can also be called as Sandwich panel screw due to its application. It is suitable for exterior roofing circumstances.

The drilling point works on steel to steel structures. Point length is decided according to the light work or heavy work.

The sharp point or type 17 cutting point works on steel to wood structures.

Steel washer or Aluminum washer are available for selection.

Landwide Screw DNA
  • Double thread screw manufactured by Landwide are suitable for exterior roofing environment. Provide surface coating per customer request for surface corrosion protection.
  • Different type of thread and point length available per customer environment requirement. From light work to heavy work, you could find solution by consulting Landwide sales team.
  • And thread to point unique design provides quick and easy installation in the substrate without pre-drilling.
  • Mechanical Zinc, Zinc Plated Cr+6 , Zinc Plated Cr+3, Zinc Yellow Cr+3, Zinc Yellow Cr+6, Grey Phosphated, Black Phosphated, Ruspert 500HRS, Ruspert 1000HRS, Ruspert 1500HRS, Class 3, Class 4, Other Special Coating
Point Selection
#3 5 MM (2+3)
#4 8MM
#5 12MM
#6 >12MM
M5.5 / M5.5 B / C 50MM – 300MM #3 - #6
M6.3 / M5.5 B / B 50MM – 300MM #3 - #6
M6.5 / M5.5 A / B 50MM – 300MM #3 - #6
M6.5 / M5.5 A / C 50MM – 300MM #3 - #6
#12 / #12 B / C 2" – 11" #3 - #6
#14 / #12 B / B 2" – 11" #3 - #6
#16 / #12 A / B 2" – 11" #3 - #6
#16 / #12 A / C 2" – 11" #3 - #6
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Roofing Screw Double Thread - C02
Roofing Screw Double Thread - C02

Application, Characteristics, Coating and Range of Self drilling screw Double threaded

Frequently Asked Questions
What are your ranges of manufacture sizes of screws?

Dia: 3.0mm-16.0mm (Min.-Max.) Length:5.0mm-300.0mm (Min.-Max.)

DOUBLE THREAD | Landwide Screw - A professional screw factory provide standard screw, non-standard screw and also R&D service to world fastener business.

Located in Taiwan R.O.C. since 1992, Landwide Co., Ltd. is a DOUBLE THREAD | screw manufacturer that is specialized in providing screws with ISO manufacturing, great range of tek screws, materials & grades, high strength, custom design, special coating, packaging and value-added services.

Landwide screw with 29 years of screw manufacturing experience, specialized in all kinds of standard and non-standard screws. Especially, we are keeping the R&D effort for other special specification and custom made products which continuously help partners create unique market position in this competitive industry. In Landwide, customer is at the heart of our business model which includes outstanding quality, professional consultant, on time delivery and competitive price.

Landwide has been offering worldwide customers high-quality screws & bolts, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, Landwide ensures each customer's demands are met.