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Oval Head Self Drilling Screw - Oval head self drilling screw
  • Oval Head Self Drilling Screw - Oval head self drilling screw

Oval Head Self Drilling Screw



Oval head Self Drilling Screw is also known as European standard DIN 7504Q. Oval heads provide a more decorative appearance compared to flat heads. The oval dome shape allows for countersinking into conical surfaces, unlike flat heads. An oval head can provide a cleaner look compared to pan or flat head styles when aesthetics are important.

The precise drill point cuts an accurate pilot hole and engages metal quickly without "walking" like some other tips.

Common applications include attaching wood siding, panels, or trim to steel framing.

Surface finishes like zinc plating, yellow zinc, and ruspert coating provide corrosion protection and ease of driving.
Proper screw length selection is important based on the thickness of material being fastened to ensure sufficient engagement into steel. Pre-drilling is typically not required due to the self-drilling tip. Slow drill speeds prevent damage.

  • Attach wood siding, wood panel & metal trim to steel studs.
Order Information
  • Material: C1022, SS410, SS304
  • MOQ: 100,000 PCS
M3.5 X 10#6 X 3/8"M4.2 X 38#8 X 1-1/2"
M3.5 X 13#6 X 1/2"M4.8 X 13#10 X 1/2"
M3.5 X 19#6 X 3/4"M4.8 X 16#10 X 5/8"
M4.2 X 10#8 X 3/8"M4.8 X 19#10 X 3/4"
M4.2 X 13#8 X 1/2"M4.8 X 25#10 X 1"
M4.2 X 16#8 X 5/8"M4.8 X 32#10 X 1-1/4"
M4.2 X 19#8 X 3/4"M4.8 X 38#10 X 1-1/2"
M4.2 X 25#8 X 1"M4.8 X 50#10 X 2"
M4.2 X 32#8 X 1-1/4"

« Besides upper most common sizes, Landwide have capacity within M3 ~ M10, up to 300 mm length. »

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Application, Coating and Popular size of Self drilling screw Oval head

What are your ranges of manufacture sizes of screws?

Dia: 3.0mm-16.0mm (Min.-Max.) Length:5.0mm-300.0mm (Min.-Max.)

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Founded in 1992 and located in Taiwan, Landwide Screw Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer specializing in high-quality screws. Their product range includes Oval Head Self Drilling Screw, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, roofing screws, decking screws, and stainless steel screws. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, Landwide serves diverse industrial applications with custom solutions and advanced manufacturing technology. The company holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring reliability and excellence in their products.

Landwide Screw Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-quality screws, including self-drilling, self-tapping, roofing, and decking screws. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, Landwide uses advanced technology and robust R&D to produce custom solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Established in 1992 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, Landwide serves global markets, providing reliable, durable screws for various industrial applications.

Landwide has been offering customers specialized and standard screws, both with advanced technology and 29 years of experience, Landwide ensures each customer's demands are met.