TRUSS / BUTTON HEAD / Landwide Screw is not only a screw factory but also a consultant, service provider assisting partners all over the world to find suitable solution in their fastener business over 25 years

Screws, nuts and bolts made with special coating, ISO processes. Self-drilling and self-tapping screws 100% made in Taiwan. Screws plating and coating with zinc, nickel, chrome. Great range of self drilling screw , self tapping screw , concrete screw, roofing screw , flange washer head screw, stainless steel screw.

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TRUSS / BUTTON HEAD - Button head self drilling screw
  • TRUSS / BUTTON HEAD - Button head self drilling screw

Self Drilling Screw

Self Drilling Screw Button head

  • Self drilling screws have point to cut through material and eliminate the need to drill a pilot hole. Truss head screws are weaker than pan or round heads but preferred in applications where minimal clearance exists above the head. Modified truss heads offer low clearance and an extra-large bearing surface, with precisely point cut, Landwide's Oval head self drilling screw result to non-walking point and provides fast metal engagement.
  • Available with white zinc, zinc, yellow zinc, mechanical zinc, Ruspert 500 / 1000 hours...etc.
  • Commonly used to attach metal lathe to metal studs or residential steel frame construction.
Order information
  • Material: C1022, SS410, SS304
  • MOQ: 100,000 PCS
M4.2 X 13 #8 X 1/2" Button head / Truss head 3mm
M4.2 X 16 #8 X 5/8" Button head / Truss head 3mm
M4.2 X 19 #8 X 3/4" Button head / Truss head 3mm
M4.2 X 25 #8 X 1" Button head / Truss head 3mm
M4.2 X 32 #8 X 1-1/4" Button head / Truss head 3mm
M4.2 X 41 #8 X 5/8" Button head / Truss head 3mm

« Besides upper most common sizes, Landwide have capacity within M3~M10, up to 300 mm length. »

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are your ranges of manufacture sizes of screws?

Dia: 3.0mm-16.0mm (Min.-Max.) Length:5.0mm-300.0mm (Min.-Max.)

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TRUSS / BUTTON HEAD | Over 25 Years Screws, nuts and bolts Manufacturer | Landwide

Located in Taiwan R.O.C., Landwide Co., Ltd., since 1992, is a TRUSS / BUTTON HEAD | screw manufacturer. Specialized in metal screws plating and coating with zinc, nickel, chrome, Landwide supplies self-tapping & self-drilling screws with flexibility.

ISO manufacturing, great range of tek screws, materials & grades, high strength, custom design, special coating, packaging and value-added services, Landwide's screw production includes self tapping screws, self drilling screws, roofing screws, concrete screws, metal roofing screws, tek screws, washer head screws, double threaded screws, etc.

Landwide has been offering worldwide customers high-quality custom fastener manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 27 years of experience, Landwide ensures meet each customer's demands are met.